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About us

Boasting a profound understanding of linear and profiled rail guides, as well as measuring systems for linear motion, SCHNEEBERGER linear technology has been at the pinnacle of the industry for a century

Over the course of a century, the name SCHNEEBERGER has established itself as a synonym for innovation, extreme precision, and excellent quality. Our broad expertise encompasses linear guides, measuring systems, and racks to high-performance ball screws and mineral casting, not to mention our high-precision positioning systems. These can be applied under atmospheric conditions as well as in a vacuum.

Our presence is truly global, with an extensive network of sales companies and partners always within reach. However, this is only one aspect of our strength. Our true backbone consists of our dedicated, customer-oriented, and unique employees who propel us to the apex of the world.

We take immense pride in being a global leader in numerous application fields, including the machine tool industry, semiconductor industry, medical technology, bioscience, and robotics. Our pioneering spirit is also reflected in our status as one of the first and largest providers of crossed roller guides and integrated measuring systems. At SCHNEEBERGER linear technology we are committed to continuous evolution and delivering the best to our customers.

Mission Statement

As a global, financially and technologically sound, family-owned and operated company, we and our highly motivated employees make a substantial and sustainable contribution to our customers' success. Our high-quality, high-precision products and reliable delivery play an essential role in the successful development, manufacture and sale of products in the future-oriented market.


To get customers to always think of us first when facing unsolved challenges in linear motion. We create partnerships with our customers through the products we manufacture and services we offer!

Our values

High precision, innovative and reliable

Facts and Figures

  • Global Player
  • Local support worldwide (e.g. 24 h response time in Europe)
  • Logistics infrastructure in many industrial regions of the world

1400+ Employees worldwide

13 SCHNEEBERGER companies

90 SCHNEEBERGER Sales engineers and partners in all industrial regions of the world

11 Production locations

70’000 Sqm production area worldwide

69 Active patents

> 4000 Customers trust in SCHNEEBERGER

History since 1923

With the first linear guideways conceived and developed by SCHNEEBERGER over 70 years ago, the foundation was established for the worldwide linear technology of today. Our original guidelines for the construction of linear guideways defined the criteria for load bearing capacity, reliability and economy. These SCHNEEBERGER guidelines quickly became industry standards which are still valid today. 

The same maxims which were the basis for our success continue to dominate our thinking and our actions: the spirit of innovation; uncompromising quality demands; and the ambition to time and again be in a position to offer our customers new, technically and economically superior products.

Then as now, the name SCHNEEBERGER is a synonym for modern linear technology all over the world.

In 2023, the SCHNEEBERGER Group will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company's history. 

More information about our SCHNEEBERGER anniversary book

More informations about the 100 years

2023 2023

100 years 2023
100 years -  2023

100 years





SHOWROOM -  2021

Virtual Showroom


Expansion November 2020
Expansion - nov 2020

Foundation of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in Poland

Expansion November 2020
Expansion - nov 2020

Foundation of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in China, Shenzhen


WEROTEC AG January 2018

The SCHNEEBERGER group has acquired all the shares of Werotec AG with registered office in Reigoldswil, Switzerland, effective January 1, 2018.


A.MANNESMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH October 2017
A.MANNESMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH - oct 2017

The SCHNEEBERGER group has acquired all the shares of A.MANNESMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH with registered office in Remscheid, Germany, effective October 1, 2017.


Product innovation March 2016
Product innovation - mar 2016

SCHNEEBERGER MINISLIDE MSQscale - the new, innovative measuring system


Product innovation December 2015
Product innovation - dec 2015

MONORAIL MR – next carriage generation

Product innovation October 2015
Product innovation - oct 2015

Our techcon® - a specially developed cement mixture for "selected applications" and developed as a cost-effective alternative to mineral casting.

Product innovation August 2015
Product innovation - aug 2015

New carriage types expand the range of applications


Product innovation December 2014
Product innovation - dec 2014

MINIRAIL carriages with long-term lubrication LUBE-S Maintenace free guideways - lubricant reservoir directly integrated into MINIRAIL carriages.

Product innovation February 2014
Product innovation - feb 2014

Revolutionary Twin Gantry Positioning System

Product innovation January 2014
Product innovation - jan 2014

Guiding and measuring in the smallest spaces MINISCALE PLUS is consistently accurate and reliable. Measurement is carried out directly during the work process


Expansion December 2012

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company for mineral casting in China


Expansion January 2011

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in Korea


Expansion December 2010

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in Singapore

Product Innovation May 2010
Product Innovation - may 2010

Production of micro frictionless table MINISLIDE


Expansion December 2008
Expansion - dec 2008

Acquisition of Spatz GmbH in Bessenbach, Germany, a company for racks and special components

Expansion December 2008
Expansion - dec 2008

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in India


Expansion December 2007

Founding of SCHNEEBERGER China production company

Product Innovation May 2007
Product Innovation - may 2007

Production of measuring system AMS absolut and AMS long


Expansion December 2006
Expansion - dec 2006

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company for mineral casting in Czech Republic


Expansion December 2005
Expansion - dec 2005

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in China


Product Innovation May 2002
Product Innovation - may 2002

Production of linear bearing FORMULA S

Product Innovation May 2002
Product Innovation - may 2002

Production of mineral casting


Product Innovation May 2000
Product Innovation - may 2000

Production of miniature guideway MINIRAIL

1992 1993

Product Innovation May 1992
Product Innovation - may 1992

Production of integrated measuring system AMS for MONORAIL


Expansion December 1990

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in Japan

Product Innovation December 1990
Product Innovation - dec 1990

Production of MONORAIL profiled linear roller guideways


Expansion December 1985
Expansion - dec 1985

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in USA

1979 1979


SCHNEEBERGER supplies the first positioning systems with position stability in the nanometre range


Expansion December 1971
Expansion - dec 1971

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in Italy


Expansion 1965

Founding of a new SCHNEEBERGER company in Germany



Founding of Schneeberger Technique Linéaire S.à.r.l. in F-Brétigny


Production Innovation 1948
Production Innovation -  1948

First production of linear guideways and frictionless tables in accordance with customer drawings


Product Innovation 1945

1945 First grinding machine with crossed roller bearings


The Beginning 1923
The Beginning -  1923

Walter Schneeberger opens a mechanical workshop in Roggwil (Switzerland)