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Cross roller guideways with roller cages

SCHNEEBERGER cross-roller guideways of types R, RN and RNG – we guarantee the right solution

Our type R cross-roller guideways as well as our type RN and RNG guideways are available in three quality classes (NQ, SQ and SSQ) for use under operating temperatures of -40° to +80°C. It is also possible to equip RN and RNG guideways with the FORMULA-S cage control to prevent cage creep. Similarly, it is possible to combine R and RD guideways with Type SK, SKD, SKC and SRrecirculating units.

Type RN
The type RNlinear guideway is an enhanced version of the type R guideway. It offers the same dimensions, but due to the larger contact surfaces of the guideway tracks it offers a higher performance level.  The reduced gap width between the guide rails also provides better protection against contamination.

Type RNG
Like the type RN, the linear guideway type RNG has larger contact surfaces for the guideway track. Compared to the R and RN guideways their cross-section is smaller, requiring minimal space and weight-optimization, which offers a decisive advantage in highly dynamic applications