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Linear bearing with integrated measuring system

Digital or analogue with rollers or balls

Precise linear motion requires accurate distance measurement. SCHNEEBERGER, with its integrated distance measuring systems for a variety of applications, offers cost-effective solutions.

All systems are distinguished by the fact that it is possible to change the reading head with minimal assembly effort. Maximum one-piece rail length is 6 meters. The systems have been specially developed for the harsh environment in machine tools.

The AMSA length measuring system version has an analogue signal interface, AMSD has a digital interface. Both systems are offered for ball and roller guideways.

An absolute signal interface is available for the AMSABS version. Several MONORAILS can be joined together, as required. Then the AMSA 3L product comes into play.

This combination is the result of the highly accurate construction of the rails in terms of both mechanics and metrology. The special design of the rail joints in combination with the AMSA 3L reading head allows joints to be traversed and measurement axes of any length to be set up.
In contrast, the strengths of the MINISCALE PLUS lie in guiding and measuring in the smallest of spaces.

This product is designed for high speed and acceleration in the work process, as practiced in high-tech industries.