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Absolute / magneto resistive with rollers or balls

MONORAIL AMSABS – an integrated magneto-resistive linear measuring system with absolute signal interface

The latest development from Schneeberger in the field of integrated magneto-resistive measuring systems is the Monorail AMSA 3L, which is designed for building especially long axes based on the Monorail MR roller guideway.

The MONORAIL AMSABS 3B is an integrated magneto-resistive linear measuring system based on the MONORAIL MR roller profiled linear guideway. This ensures compact axes with distance measurement and guidance that is especially suitable for use in machine tool applications. The AMSABS 3B has an absolute interface for connecting to SSI, SSI+SinCos and Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Siemens DriveCliQ controllers. The user does not have to install or adjust the measuring system and saves costs in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of the machines. In addition, the accuracy and process reliability of a machine benefit from the use of the AMSABS 3B.

Schneeberger developed the AMS 4B integrated magneto-resistive measuring system for the Monorail BM ball guideway. The interfaces are the same as for AMSABS 3B. The product is used in automation, handling or machine tool construction