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  • A.Mannesmann ball screwsAM Ballscrews increase the long-term productivity of highly dynamically-operated machine tools149 kB
  • A. MannesmannThe Schneeberger group of companies with registered office in Roggwil, Switzerland, has acquired all the shares of A. Mannesmann GmbH with registered office in Remscheid, Germany, effective October 1, 2017.160 kB
  • New carriage types expand the range of applicationsThe Monorail BM profile rail guideways have been an important component of the Schneeberger product range for many years.92 kB
  • Schneeberger MINISLIDE MSQscaleThe newly developed MINISLIDE MSQscale linear guideways from Schneeberger provide extremely precise guidance while also meeting stringent cost requirements. The key to this is the combination of guidance and measurement in one compact unit, thereby significantly reducing the cost of construction and installation.68 kB
  • High-precision miniature guideway MINISCALE PLUSFor designers who have to fit high-precision linear technology with integral distance measurement in very small spaces, SCHNEEBERGER now offers the new MINISCALE PLUS optical incremental distance measuring system.239 kB
  • Linear technology and mineral castingLinear technology and mineral casting – a promising duo. Schneeberger is well-known for its unique range of highly precise and reliable linear technology products.67 kB
  • Profiled guideways MONORAIL - High-performance profiled guideways. When the heaviest loads in milling, turning, drilling or grinding machines need to be moved in an accurate manner, reliable linear bearings are one of the elements required for this. 166 kB
  • Schneeberger Positioning Systems - in different industriesIn semiconductor, medical engineering, and solar technology must guarantee the highest level of precision and reliability whilst at the same time maintaining an extremely high degree of purity. 144 kB
  • MINIRAIL profiled miniature guidewaysHighly precise miniature guideway MINIRAIL profiled miniature guideways by Schneeberger are certainly small in terms of dimensions. 164 kB
  • Integrated measuring system for distance measurementSchneeberger offers cost-optimised solutions in the form of its Integrated measuring system for distance measurement, which can be used for a wide range of applications.89 kB
  • Linear bearings - The right solution for every needSchneeberger linear bearings always stand for high quality. The company covers numerous fields of application thanks to its wide range of standard bearings. 80 kB
  • Gear racks: Limitless linear movement Gear racks allow linear movements to be carried out along almost limitless stretches. 111 kB
  • MINISLIDE micro frictionless tablesCompact and precise for maximum productivity. Where maximum precision and processing reliability are required in minimal space, the MINISLIDE miniature tables offer outstanding solutions. 183 kB
  • New positioning system doubles positioning speed for 450 mmRevolutionary double gantry from Schneeberger. Known for innovation, Swiss firm Schneeberger AG Lineartechnik is currently developing a new positioning system that will bear the name Double Gantry. 80 kB
  • Schneeberger Positioning Systems Customer-specific positioning systems with a high degree of purity. Positioning systems used in particularly demanding branches of industry. 150 kB
  • Schneeberger Blue CompetenceSustainability is a top priority at SCHNEEBERGER - in manufacturing as well as in the end products. In both technical and economic aspects, SCHNEEBERGER consistently manages to impress its customers.129 kB
  • Integrated measuring system guarantees exact travel distancesFor over ten years, Schneeberger has been developing compact, integrated distance measuring systems for its monorail guideways and today, sets the standard in terms of accuracy, design, installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance.95 kB
  • New carriage types expand the range of applicationsThe Monorail BM profile rail guideways have been an important component of the Schneeberger product range for many years.92 kB
  • New profiled guideways shine with the four S'sSchneeberger's high precision Monorail MR roller guideways are used worldwide for a broad range of mechanical engineering applications: from simple handling tasks to difficult machining processes.79 kB
  • Extended range of services and materialsThe Schneeberger competence center for mineral casting in Cheb in the Czech Republic has been developing and manufacturing sub-assemblies from its own mineral casting materials for many years. Now the company not only offers individual components but is also able to supply complete system sub-assemblies direct to the assembly line.122 kB


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Rosalia Haller

Rosalia Haller



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