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Standard gear racks straight tooth system

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Less joints. More accuracy, durability and convenience.
The modularity of our racks allows a high level of customization that means a saving in terms of purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

Standard gear racks straight tooth 
Standard gear racks straight tooth system

Straight-toothed gear racks and helical gear racks are available in standard industrial sizes from module 2 to module 12. The material, hardness, and accuracy determine the respective load.
Selecting the right toothed rack depends on specific application needs, including expected load and environmental conditions.

Expert consultation can help optimize the lifespan and performance of these components, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency in drive systems.

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Gear racks: Limitless linear movement
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  • Best quality Q4 (till Q11): individual adjacent pitch error fp = 3μm
  • cumulative pitch error fp = 15μm / 1000mm
  • Max. single-piece length: 3000mm
  • Very high flexibility due to longtime experience
  • Interested in OEM-business and single spare-parts
  • Extremly high precisions possible. A combination of two functions
  • Gear racks, which reliably meet the customer-specific requirements even under heavy loading.
  • Any modules up to 20m, in metric or inch divisions, in various grades of steel, including stainless steel, are available, depending on the application.
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