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Scale lasered directly onto guide rail SCHNEEBERGER measuring system

The new SCHNEEBERGER absolute measuring system is another step into Industrial 4.0 linear bearings. 3 out of 5 Interfaces can be used simultaneously: BiSS/SSI, ABZ, UVW, SPI, analog Sin/Cos. Available in smallest linear miniature guide MINIRAIL Size 5.

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Your benefits:

  • All In One Solution

  • Smallest Integrated Absolute Measuring System

  • Plug & Play

Smart Plug Connection For FPC's

Scale Lasered On Guide Rail

Customized For You Need

Smallest Integrated Absolut Sensor

Scale lasered directly onto guide rail

  • Calibrated parameter values stored on the sensor’s internal EEPROM
  • Sensor with miniature connector
  • Customer specific flexprint design
  • Signal conditioning (offset, amplitude, phase) with autocalibration
  • Linear resolution 100 nm
  • Absolut position accuracy: < 2 μm (3-Sigma)
  • Sensor dimension: 9.9 x 5.0 x 1.1 mm
  • Patent pending



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