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Type RNG linear guideway

Cross-roller guideway with roller bearings for a high load-bearing design

The roller bearings ensure implementation with the smallest installed dimensions

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Linear bearing with integrated cage assist 
Linear bearing with integrated cage assist FORMULA-S

The RNG linear bearing/cross-roller guideway provides high performance with roller bearings.  High load-bearing guideway designscan be implemented with roller bearings under the smallest installed dimensions. The high performance of the relatively small guideway cross-sections, ensures unrivalled cost-effectiveness for many applications.

Sizes: 4, 6, 9, 12

Lengths: 50 to 1500 mm


  • KBN, KBS cage 
  • GBN, GCN, GCN-A end pieces 
  • GDN special fastening screws 
  • FORMULA-S cage control


The robust and simple design of the FORMULA-S cage control consists of only a few components and meets all requirements in terms of productivity and cost-effectiveness. The sophisticated design means it can be easily integrated into existing constructions. FORMULA-S works in any installation orientation regardless of the preload of the guideway. The advantages of cage control include trouble-free operation, high acceleration, and no readjustment of the cage. Furthermore, the shape and position tolerances of the surrounding structure or temperature differences do not lead to cage creep. All in all, an excellent basis for a long service life.


SCHNEEBERGER linear bearings - limited quantity, easy ordering, quick delivery

Type RN and RNG linear guideways with rollers,
Type R linear guideways with balls or rollers,
Type RD linear guideways with balls or rollers,
Type N/O linear guideways with rollers or needles

The types RN, RNG, R, RD, N/O, and M/V provide linear motion technology with a cross-roller guideway, ball guideway, needle bearings, or needle cages

Frictionless roller guideways, such as in Types RN, RNG, R, RD, N/O, and M/V move machinery or assemblies in linear directions

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FORMULA-S  The SCHNEEBERGER cage assist offers perfect load distribution and prevents the need for cage correction strokes

SCHNEEBERGER overview linear bearings and positioning systems

Article/Example of application

  • Grosses Potenzial fÜr begrezte Lohnferiger Grosses Potenzial fÜr begrezte Lohnferiger Carbon Composites: Potenzial des Hightech-Leichtbauwerkstoffes in Kombination mit Glas- oder Kohlefasern im Vergleich zu den angestammten Stahl- oder Gusswerkstoffen im Maschinenbau.
  • The secret of linear technolgy The secret of linear technolgy From standard components to complete systems, SCHNEEBERGER offers a unique spectrum of products and services. And we do it all for our customers’ benefit.

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