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Micro frictionless tables with roller- or ball cages

Available in the version with roller or ball cages

Micro Table with Ball Cage
If a micro table with ball cages is the right solution for you, then the MINISLIDE MS, MINISLIDE MSQ, or NDN types are available options. Optionally, the ND type can also be equipped with a ball cage.

Micro Table with Roller Cage
The micro tables of type ND with standard roller cage type AC are available in three different sizes. The tables are suitable for applications with the highest accuracy requirements, which are fulfilled at lengths of 25 to 155 mm and strokes of 12 to 90 mm. All sizes of the micro tables are equipped with roller cages type AC, a special version with ball cage type AK for lower susceptibility to dirt and higher load capacity is possible.

Micro Table NDN
NDN micro tables are characterized by extremely low friction. The NDN products support high dynamic demands while maintaining the highest precision and longevity.

The new generation of miniature guides with high running culture
This new generation of miniature guides from SCHNEEBERGER is extremely rigid and offers a high running culture. It significantly reduces the dreaded cage wandering. The materials used in the micro table type MINISLIDE MS and the MINISLIDE MSQ allow for use in many application areas such as under high temperature influence or in ultra-high vacuum.

Carriage and rail with integrated gearing
High process reliability is ensured by the cage constraint control, which all our MINISLIDE MSQ tables have. The gearings are integrated directly into the carriage and rail. The cage and gear are made of high-quality plastic. MINISLIDE tables are extremely robust and excel in every application due to their high running culture, precision, and reliability.

Balls or Rollers
Balls provide the highest smoothness of operation, and rollers offer higher rigidity, suitable for the location of the linear table.