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Microtavole con gabbie a sfere

MINISLIDE tables are extremely robust and prove themselves in every application with their high level of friction movement, precision, and reliability.

The materials used in the micro frictionless tables with ball cages of the MINISLIDE MS type allow their use in many circumstances, such as at high temperatures or in ultra-high vacuum locations.

The MINISLIDE MSQ products embody the latest generation of miniature guideways for very demanding applications. The MINISLIDE MSQ, with its four-row track and integrated cage control, impresses with its high level of running performance, precision, and reliability in any installation position with excellent rigidity values

Type ND micro frictionless tables consist of equal length top and bottom parts, where the fully hardened bottom part is designed as a double prism.  All sizes are equipped with Type AC roller cages and can be used horizontally and vertically. Type ND is available in three sizes as a single-axis version made of steel.

NDN products fulfil demands for high dynamic performance while providing extremely high precision and long service life. The U-shaped cage connects the two rows of ball bearings so the tendency towards cage creep is largely eliminated. Type NDN is available in a single-axis version in three sizes.